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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today I

Went shopping for Father's day for my hubby. I got him 2 computer games he wanted.He thought he would get just I got him a brisket and some sugar free candy.  I stitched on Sudden showers some and took my dog for a walk. I'm about to stitch some more.  I will probably make another dishcloth too. Hope everyone has a great Saturday evening.(((hugs))) Kimberly

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday

I worked yesterday and I got home late. I managed to do a pink,gray,black and white dishcloth while everyone was asleep. It came out super cute, but I took the picture with my phone camera and can't figure out how to get it to my It is on facebook though.  I gave it to my coworker.She is from Kenya and was just over the moon to receive such a gesture.  I am off work today so I plan on working on Sudden Showers. I also while working yesterday met a gal coming in to see her mom. I work at an assisted living facility. Anyway I went in to see the lady that lives there and I saw needlework all over her walls.That was a great conversation piece. So I started asking her questions and she has alzhiemers, but managed to tell me she didn't stitch them. I then saw the daughter walking down the hall with her later. I asked the daughter who did such beautiful stitching and she told me that she did. I kept looking at her like I had seen her somewhere in my past. Come to find out, she was a framer at a cross stitch store that I thought was long closed.Well come to find out, not only is it thriving more than before, but it has all kinds of fibers such as Valdani and carries threads. I am sooo excited. I am going to stop in there on Monday and get my olive green Valdani threads so that I can stitch"Friendship is a sheltering tree" by Silver Creek.yippee.Also that lady is bringing me a tote of old patterns and stuff that she won't ever stitch again. I'm in seventh heaven. She was going to bring them to me at work today, but I told her I won't be back till next weekend, darn it, I forgot I am working tomorrow for well.Well I am off to stitch on Sudden Showers and will post a pic as soon as I make some more headway on it.Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well today was an average day

I got up at 6:30 am with the hubby. I made breakfast. I cross stitched from 8 -10:30.I went to lunch with the hubby and my daughter at a Chinese restaurant.Then I went grocery shopping at Walmart and then Kroger.
I cooked dinner and then goofed off on Facebook. I should be stitching right now. Oh yeah, I bought more yarn today while at Walmart. I am hooked on making dishcloths now.They got new colors in. I got one that is orange,brown and yellow and another with white, purple,blues and greens.Very pretty.I will try to update with another new picture of Sudden Showers on Saturday. I will be working tomorrow and hubby will be home when I am so he will be on my computer working from home. I hope everyone has a super day tomorrow and a good night tonight. Take care till next time, Kimberly

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here I finally found it again on my computer saved in a weird spot.

I am hoping to get this one done by the weekend,not too much left to it.I need to make that thing to the left that looks like an h become a

What I have decided to do

I have decided that instead of only posting when I have a picture to post, I will post anyway.
I am wondering how everyone is doing and what you are all working on?
I have been crocheting dish cloths and cross stitching. I have been pondering about making some jewelry and some sock monkeys. I see a girl online that makes tons and tons of them and sells them. I am trying to get to the Dominican Republic with my church. I was thinking of making some monkeys and trying to do a donation only drive. If they donate $5.00 or more, they can have one. Not sure if I would make enough that way to cover the cost of making them or not though.I have been stitching mainly on Elsa William's Sudden Showers kit and Little House Needlework's May kit and Little House Needlework's Always and Forever piece.  I will do my best to get pics up soon.  I hope all of you are doing well.Drop me a line and let me know what is new with you,Kimberly

Here are a few dishcloths I made and some yarn for future playing

My current wips

Funny I have a new wip of May by LHN and uploaded to my computer but now I can't locate it.errrrrrr

I got these at the last stitch night I went to

I can't wait to start these but I"m being good and finishing up Sudden Showers first.

My dishcloth

there are actually 2 here.I love these colors.I started making dishcloths in the evening, they are quick and easy to do while watching tv with the family