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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday

I worked yesterday and I got home late. I managed to do a pink,gray,black and white dishcloth while everyone was asleep. It came out super cute, but I took the picture with my phone camera and can't figure out how to get it to my It is on facebook though.  I gave it to my coworker.She is from Kenya and was just over the moon to receive such a gesture.  I am off work today so I plan on working on Sudden Showers. I also while working yesterday met a gal coming in to see her mom. I work at an assisted living facility. Anyway I went in to see the lady that lives there and I saw needlework all over her walls.That was a great conversation piece. So I started asking her questions and she has alzhiemers, but managed to tell me she didn't stitch them. I then saw the daughter walking down the hall with her later. I asked the daughter who did such beautiful stitching and she told me that she did. I kept looking at her like I had seen her somewhere in my past. Come to find out, she was a framer at a cross stitch store that I thought was long closed.Well come to find out, not only is it thriving more than before, but it has all kinds of fibers such as Valdani and carries threads. I am sooo excited. I am going to stop in there on Monday and get my olive green Valdani threads so that I can stitch"Friendship is a sheltering tree" by Silver Creek.yippee.Also that lady is bringing me a tote of old patterns and stuff that she won't ever stitch again. I'm in seventh heaven. She was going to bring them to me at work today, but I told her I won't be back till next weekend, darn it, I forgot I am working tomorrow for well.Well I am off to stitch on Sudden Showers and will post a pic as soon as I make some more headway on it.Have a great weekend everyone.

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