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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wip of Be Not Forgetful By My Big Toe Designs

I am stitching this with Red Currant and for the design and a brown I can't remember the name Both by Crescent Colors.Thanks for peeking

wow what a week

I interviewed for a job yesterday at a Christian school and was wanting full time or better hours of part time. I got half what I I got 3 hours a day from 3Pm to 6Pm for now. I guess I will have to live with it. IT really stinks because the rest of the day I have nothing going on and it would be too much on me to work somewhere else on top of this and my every other weekend job too.I went and got fingerprinted today for the job. I got my eyes checked today also. I havent had an eye exam in 20 I have amazing vision. I just need "cheaters" readers for close up work like stitching and reading a book up close.Not bad at all. I had my eyes dilated and she said I have healthy eyes. Praise God for that ,after all, our eyes are the windows to our souls don't you know? I have been stitching mostly on "Be Not Forgetful" by My Big Toe Designs. I need to either scan it in or take a pic for all to see. I should be done shortly. I am ready to start or at least finish  another wip before Thanksgiving. I hope all my stitching friends are doing wonderful, catch you later..........Kimberly