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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday June 21st

Well today didn't start out too well. I went to help a little lady from church. I am cleaning her house and keeping her company 3 hours a day. well. today I was trying to be nice to her darn pet birds and I got bit on my middle finger.I got a nice blood blister from it. I had never been bitten by a bird I cried, it felt like I shut my finger in a door or something. I wasn't expecting it to peck me.  I was trying to put fresh food and water in her cage. Her name is Simba, I guess I should have known that a bird having a lion name might be  I'm off to get some housework done around here and will stitch this evening and post a picture if time permits.Hope all my stitcher  friends are having a good day. Don't feed the    


My Name is Debbie and my passion is Counted Cross Stitch. said...

Hi Kim,

Good to see you blogging! Sorry to hear that the bird got a hold of your finger. Hope it doesn't hurt to much. I hope to get some time to stitch tonight too! At least I found time to blog!

Kim said...

Hope your finger is better soon, hope it's not too painful to stitch :)