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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I feel so unloved

I do my best to post on here, to put pictures on here and yet, nobody comments or participates in drawings I have etc. What is the deal?lol.  When I lurk on someone elses blog , I usually post something. If they have it set up where I can't post , well then, I can't . If I am able to, I do.  I love to look at other's cross stitch pieces and appreciate all the work that goes in to blogs. Oh well, rant over. Just had to put it out there.By for now. I am off to stitch if anyone seems to care, which I doubt.


missy said...

(((HUGS))) Oh please don't feel sad. Your are a fabulous blogger. I know that many of the people that use to comment on my blog have told me that they don't comment as much because of the security captcha(sp?) Blogger has set up. Also I think we tend to be so busy that it seems impossible to leave a comment for everyone so we just READ blogs and don't comment. Funny that I was thinking yesterday while on my walk that I would make more of an effort to be a better all around blogger. Let's hope it catches on to more us who really do enjoy your blog.

Time to slow down and really appreciate each other. Every day every second is a true gift from God.


natalyK said...

Awww, you just made me frown. I read and watch your updates regularly but often times I am reading blogs on my phone and can't comment easily. Keep on stitching and blogging, I LOVE visiting.

kimstitch3 said...

Aww your comments made my day Missy. You are sweet. That is true , everyday we have is a GIFT from God.Take care and thanks for reading my blog.

kimstitch3 said...

NatalyK, while I have your attention. You have won my owl drawing. I put a comment on here that you won and that I need you to email me at your mailing address so I can send it to you. Take care and congrats. I had the drawing last

Lizette Morales said...

Don't feel unloved!!! you do great posting what you do!!! That is what counts. That is the main reason I still have my blog cause one time I told my mama I was going to take of my blog and she said no what counts is what you make and feel proud of it!!!! Take care your friend Lizette

Eva said...

Don't be sad! Very few people comment on my blog too. I love to look at your stitching!